Our projects


→ Development of educational software for people with special needs on behalf of the Institute of Educational Policy.

→ Development of (12) interactive exhibits for the Acropolis Museum.

→ Development of interactive applications for the presentation of the digital archives of Mount Athos in the context of the Athos Digital Arc project.


→ Installation of a Call&Nav based Fleet Management and Call Dispatching system to Cyprus Police, in collaboration with Computerland Centre LTD, NVTracker LTD and Geometric LTD.

Digital Archiving System and interactive presentation applications for the Archaeological Society at Athens. The project is developed in collaboration with AMS.

→ Design and implementation of a Simulation-based Game regarding the Internet-Security for Gymnasium students, on behalf of CTI-Diofantus. The project is developed in collaboration with Korymvos S.A. and AMPlus S.A..

Digital Archiving System and interactive presentation applications for the the Gennadius Library.

MC-Squared. The project will provide learning tools in the form of e-books that foster creativity. The project is developed in collaboration with Computer Technology Institute & Press Diophantus, the Universiteit of Utrecht, the Institute of Education of the University of London, the Universitat de Barcelona, the Univestite Lyon 1 Claude Bernard, the Martin Luther Universitaet, the Aristod, and Testaluna SRL. Project is co-funded by the European Commission (EC-FP7).

Dynamic Education Simulations System. Implementation of an information system for the creation and delivery of educational simulations over the web. The project is implemented on behalf of the University of Thessaly.

Cultural Navigator of Athens. The project will develop an electronic guide for smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS, Windows) for the history and civilization of the city of Athens. The project is implemented on behalf of the Foundation of the Hellenic World.

→ Desing and development of the new web site and web map service of the Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service.

GeoStream. The project provides tools for a) smart data mining and fusion for User-Generated Geocontent existing on the Web b) Web-based geospatial content authoring tools for these data and c) means to publish such content and provide related services on the Web as well as on mobile devices. The project was developed in collaboration with the Athena Research and Innovation Center, the Freie Universitaet of Berlin, the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS), Michael Mueller Verlag GmbH, and WIGEO-GIS MBH. Project is co-funded by the European Commission (EC-FP7).

interactive Travel Agent. Development of an interactive Travel Guide for Android mobile devices by means of interactive maps and augmented reality techniques. Project co-funded by GSRT.

Digital Palaiogeography. Development of a spatio-temporal tool for the mapping of archaeological sites and palaeogeography of Greek sites, in collaboration with the Harokopion University and Kastaniotis Editions. Project co-funded by GSRT.

→ Geoinformation System of the Greek Biotope/Wetland Center. Implementation of a geoinformation system that will support the visualization and general manipulation of the geo-datasets of the Greek Biotope/Wetland Center, in compliance with the INSPIRE directive.

→ Production of a series of episodes of the "γράφω eστορία" TV production on behalf of the New Hellenic Radio Internet Television (NERIT). The episodes are archived here.

SimpleFleet. The project will develop a "Traffic Intelligence" framework for mobile web-based fleet management applications, in collaboration with Athena IMIS, Institute for Traffic Research, German Aerospace Center and WiGeoGIS. Project is co-funded by the European Commission (EC-FP7).

→ Development of a Forest Fire Risk Management System in Semey Ormany, Kazakhstan, in collaboration with AerAnT, Kazakhstan. The system involves a central server with mapping and simulation software and mobile clients, configured to collect and process input over a wireless network from a) rover vehicles, b) meteorologicsl stations and c) from a network of forest monitoring cameras. The system is developed as part of the "Forest Protection and Refrostation" Project of the Forest committee of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan (co-funded by the World Bank).

Sustainable Touristic Sailing Tours. Development of an educational sailing tool, in collaboration with Postscriptum, Valkaniki Naytiliaki and the University of Athens. Project co-funded by GSRT.

Reviving the Ancient Agora. Display of the digital artifacts of the museum of the Stoa of Attalos and development of the new portal of the Ancient Agora on behalf of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens

TALOS. Location Based and Task aware information services for mobile devices. Project co-funded by the EC (CRAFT framework).

→ Fire Forest Risk Management System for the protection of Ymittos mountain (client: "ΣΠΑΥ", on behalf of iKnowHow).

→ Development of e-learning course materials for the Institute of Local Administration for the subjects of "Advanced skills in Ubuntu Linux" and "Introduction to GIS". The materials were uploaded on the e-learning platofrm of KEDKE and were used to train the staff of municipalities all around Greece.

→ Development of Cruiser-based services for Tourism and Real Estate in the context of the Vision Plus project of PLD Production.

→ Electronic Interactive Atlas of the Aegean. Development of geographic content and interactive mapping applications based on the Cruiser platform for the Library of the University of the Aegean.

→ CITER - Creation of a European History Textbook Repository. Creation of a digital European history textbook base by integration of already existing material with the publishers in various countries, by means of language independent metadata schemata based on space (locations), time (dates), and thematic categories. Project co-funded by the EC (eContentPlus).

→ UbiGEO - Ubiquitous geo-data management. Development of a geographic database management system for mobile devices. Project co-funded by the Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology.

→ 3D Modeler. Development of educational tools for math by utilizing three dimensional representations. Customer: the Greek Ministry of Education.

Track & Trade. Creation of value added service based on floating car data gathered from as many data suppliers as possible (a floating car data mart). Project co-funded by the EC (CRAFT).

→ Atthides. Development of an educational software platform for exploratory learning. Customer: Conceptum S.A. and Exodus S.A.

ReMath. Development of dynamic digital artifacts for representing mathematics involving the domains of Algebra, Geometry and applied mathematics, under the guidance of an integrated theoretical framework for mathematical teaching and learning with digital technologies. Project co-funded from EC (IST).

→ Playfield simulation environment. Development of a 3D simulation environment for game design and play by kids, by utilizing the Sophia Foundation game library. Customer: Omega Technologies.

Escalate. Supporting educators for the design and authoring of educational activities with new technologies. Project funded by the EC (SOCIETY).

→ Greek Matrix. Development of the Cruiser platform for supporting innovative internet-based services that make use of geographic space and cartographic data. Project co-funded Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology (PRAXE).

→ CSE Listed Companies Shares Management System. Development of a shares management system for the Cyprus Stock Exchange listed companies. Customer: Athens Stock Exchange

→ Dromeas. Design and prototype development of vehicle routing services. Project co-funded Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology (HERON).

Forest Fire Risk Management System for the Region of Ionia Nisia. The project regarded the development and deployment of an information system for the real-time coordination of forest fire distinction enterprises run by the Fire Public Service. The system is based on Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies and is implemented ontop of the Talent Cruiser platform. The project was jointly developed with Emphasis Telematics.

→ Team-Mission Management System. Development of a team and mission management system for athletic contests. Customer: the Hellenic Olympic Committee.

→ Transportation Monitor. Development of an web-based cartographic display system for transportation data. Eratosthenes S.A.